Infection of the eye from wearing contact lenses: how to protect?

Although contact lenses are safe means of correction of vision and are used by millions of users worldwide, however there is always a risk of infection. The most common infection that occurs when wearing contact lenses is keratitis or corneal infection. The most common symptoms of this infection include redness and pain in the eye, foreign body sensation in the eye, dimmed vision and increased sensitivity to light. The infection progresses rapidly and if not treated properly and promptly, can cause serious consequences. Reasons for appearing keratitis are:

  • Sleeping with inappropriate contact lenses
  • Using contact lenses longer than expiration date
  • Improper and insufficient hygiene

To prevent the occurrence of eye infections, should always adhere to some basic rules:

- Always wear appropriate contact lenses according to their instructions and never sleep with lenses that are not designated for sleeping. Contact lenses should regularly replaced, in terms of whether they use daily, monthly and quarterly lenses. If you want to sleep with contact lenses, then the best solution is Air Optix Night&Day, if you periodically wear lenses, then Dailies are the most suitable choice for you.

- Always keep impeccable hygiene of your hands. Do not use liquid to clean the lenses that exceeded shelf life and always use fresh fluid. The liquid in which stood the lenses at night, in the morning you should take and replace with new fluid.

- Wearing contact lenses without prior consultation with an expert increases the risk of infection, because of that, we recommend regular eyes controls.

In Prima Optics you can get appropriate and expert advice on the type of contact lenses that would be suitable for you, and to be informed about how to maintenance. We are pleased to help you!