Manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, Soflens contact lenses are designed to allow sufficient oxygen to reach your eyes to keep them feeling fresh and more comfortable. In addition to being available as daily, monthly or coloured lenses, you can also purchase them in toric or multifocal versions.

An ideal lens for beginners.
ден 1.590,00
Contact lens for daily wear, designed for users to enable the ideal solution for sharp, clear vision, comfort and Day simple operation.
ден 1.790,00
SofLens Toric are lenses designed for people with astigmatism.
ден 3.770,00
Daily contact lens for correction of astigmatism which has aspherical design, reduces sphere aberration and improves sharpness of vision.
ден 3.500,00
Unique lens design allows all day comfort and easy handling. Exceptional vision on any kind of distance at any time.
ден 3.390,00
Contact lens color for a natural look. 9 amazing natural shades with limbal ring.
ден 2.290,00