Makeup and contact lenses

Make-up as inevitable part in the everyday life of a woman. Because of that we will give you some tips to protect your eyes. Tapping makeup inside the eye is common and known to cause sometimes very discomfort, irritation, infection, and proliferation of bacteria. For a pleasant feeling in the eye, even when wearing contact lenses, apply the following tips:

1. Always place the contact lenses before you start applying makeup

Sometimes women find it better contact lenses to be placed in the application of make-up to avoid damaging them. However it is likely to convey the very fingers and then the contact lenses, if the lens is placed on the very makeup. If happens to you keeping makeup of the lens, it will cause discomfort and increase the possibility of eye infection.

2. Safe cosmetics for people who wear contact lenses

This category of people who wear contact lenses should use products that are tested ophthalmic. It is recommended to use products that are on natural base and made from natural ingredients, no alcohol and perfumes. Makeup removers should be pH neutral, while make-up is not recommended to be waterproof.

3. Special attention with eye pencil and mascara

People who wear contact lenses should avoid the use of eye pencil on the inner side of the eye. If applied in the inner part can block or infected tear glands and cause streaks of contact lenses. While mascara always apply it from the middle to the top lashes.

4. Always remove contact lenses before removing make-up

In order not to dirty contact lenses, it is recommended to always first remove the lens from the eye and then take off the make-up in the usual manner.