Coloured contact lenses

If you want to make a change in your appearance and bring freshness in your view, then coloured contact lenses are the right solution for you. Thistype of lenses allows you not only to make corrective changes to your eyes, but they can use to improve vision. When choosing a coloured contact lenses must first decide whether you want a drastic change or a more natural color of your eyes. As types of coloured contact lenses, there are two types of lenses:

  • nontransparent lenses - which are used to drastically change the color of the eyes and have shaped limbal ring
  • transparent lenses - which are used for more discrete change of eye color, or the expression of existing color and not containing limbal ring

In the supply of contact lenses in color, in Prima Pptics you can find the following types:

  • Freshlook Colorblends - that achieves a dramatic and beautiful change of eye color. These lenses use the "3 in 1" technology by mixing three colors in one lens and creates the most natural look. Available in 12 exciting colors: Sterling Grey, Gemstone Green, Brilliant Blue, True Sapphire, Pure Hazel, Turquoise, Honey, Grey, Green, Brown, Blue and Amethyst.
  • Freshlook Colors - which are designed to provide a dramatic change in appearance. These opaque lenses are suitable for dark and light eyes, and are ideal for a complete change of color. Available in 6 colors: Misty Grey, Hazel, Green, Blue, Violet and Sapphire Blue.
  • Freshlook Dimension - which is an excellent solution to subtly change the color of eyes intense look. They are designed to give a natural look and are great for any occasion.
  • Air Optix Colors - using leading 3 in 1 technology combines inner and outer ring with a primary color that blends with the color of your eyes achieved effect for a natural look. These contact lenses provide great permeability of oxygen, which provides comfort and a sense of healthy eyes throughout the day.
  • Soflens natural colors - contact lenses with 9 amazing natural shades with limbal ring. Maximum comfort for easy handling.
  • Dispo Color - ideal for everyday wear. Available in 5 interesting colors: Blue, Aqua, Green, Gray and Hazel.
  • Kristal Color - Available in 6 colors: Aqua, Green, Hazel, Blue, Violet and Gray.