Daily disposable contact lenses

If you need vision correction, and at the same you have an active lifestyle, then day contact lenses are right for you. This type of contact lens is ideal for people who have sensitive eyes, for those who don't like to use traditional monthly lenses and don't want to be separated from their favorite pair of glasses. They are soft lenses made from silicone - hydrogel material that provides a large proportion of water, and excellent permeability of oxygen to the retina.

Daily contact lenses have several significant benefits over other types of lenses:

  • Because wear during the day and night are thrown, much less cause infections and as such are particularly excellent choice for people with sensitive eyes
  • No need to be cleaned or stored in liquid cleaning of contact lenses
  • Perfect choice when you are unable to bring your glasses
  • Soft and perfectly comfortable contact lenses that are relaxing to wear
  • An excellent choice when you travel or go on vacation
  • You don't have to be careful when you put them and how many days you can wear because they are disposable

When purchasing a new contact lenses, be sure to visit your ophthalmologist who appropriately determine your preferences and determine what type of contact lenses is the best solution to correct your vision. In our shops Prima Optics, you can find daily contact lenses of the most famous manufacturers: CIBA Vision, Bausch & Lomb and Soflex for spherical correction and the correction of astigmatism. There have packages of 30 and 90 contact lenses. If you are still in doubt whether daily lenses are a good choice for you, here you can get a free sample of Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus, daily contact lens disposable.