The most common prejudices about use of contact lenses

If you are newly user of contact lenses, or you use them for the first time, you are supposed to have several typical dilemmas and prejudices. You are not alone. In the world there are a huge number of users of contact lenses that at least once faced a dilemma like: whether contact lenses are the right choice for me, would I use to use them, what if i lose them.

  • I can not wear contact lenses. Why not? With the technology for the manufacture of contact lenses constantly progressing, today, there are various manufacturers that offer a large selection of contact lenses of different materials and with different composition. In consultation with your ophthalmologist or optician, you will find the most appropriate solution and the right choice of contact lenses.
  • I will not learn how to draw and put my contact lenses. True that maybe you will initially encounter some difficulties about the insertion and removal of the lens in the eye, but with a little patience and practice you will master the move. It is important to set the lens in the correct position, or not to insert into the eye turned upside down, because it will cause inconvenience, however, will not adversely affect the health of your eyes.
  • Lens can drop and I will lose. Unless properly fitted, the contact lens could fall out of your eye. Therefore, before using contact lenses, you need to make a detailed review of eye lenses which differs from that review of wearing glasses. Your ophthalmologist will measure the base curve of the eye and in accordance with, will recommend contact lenses to correct base curve and diameter.
  • Contact lenses cause infections. If properly used, maintained and cleaned contact lenses, the risk of eye infection is very small. When using the lens one should always maintain a high level of hygiene of hands and use fluids and solvents that are appropriate for your eyes and lenses. More about the maintenance and cleaning of the lenses can be found here
  • Lens can stick to my eye. If you have a problem with the moisture of your eye, you may encounter difficulty when removing the lens. Today there are different types of special eye drops, etc. artificial tears that instantly solves the problem of moisture eyes.
  •  I'm too old to use contact lenses. The age limit is no problem in wearing contact lenses. Rather, today there are different lenses that effectively treat diopter for close and far (multifocal lenses), so wearing the lenses only can significantly help with.

To avoid possible adverse effects on the use of contact lenses, please remember a few "golden" rules:

  • Always follow the advice and recommendations given from your ophthalmologist 
  • Always keep perfect level of hygiene not only for the contact lenses, your hands are the biggest carrier of germs 
  • Always use the lens and fluids as directed in the appropriate duration 
  • Always contact  your ophthalmologist if you have eye redness or discomfort wearing contact lenses 
  • Always use the recommended contact lenses in appropriate power, avoid using lenses not recommended to you by appropriate expert.