Which contact lenses are the right choice for you?

When buying contact lenses for the first time the most important thing is to make specialized eye exam for contact lenses. This review is different from a review of eye glasses and as such contains various parameters that enable proper selection of contact lenses that will give you comfortable fit without any consequences. Today, the market is offering different types of contact lenses and it is especially important to follow the advice that you are recommended by your ophthalmologist or optometrist.

It is important to correctly determine which type of contact lenses are the best solution for you, what kind of material which should be made and what is their time to carry.

  • Material of  contact lenses

The material from which the lenses are made is the most important feature, because it depends on how the lenses are convenient, flexible and healthy to wear. There are several different materials, but mainly the lenses can be divided into rigid, gas permeable and soft that can be hydrogel and silicone - hydrogel contact lenses. The soft, silicone - hydrogel lenses are the most sophisticated type of contact lenses in providing highest permeability of oxygen and thus may represent the best choice. More about the material of manufacture can be found here.

  •  Duration of contact lenses

What will be the duration of the lens depends on your needs and activities. There are several different types of lenses with different periods of wear.

  • One-day contact lenses - these are disposable lenses are wear during the day and then throw away. Each time use a new pair of lenses and thus prevents the accumulation of proteins and impurities on the surface of the lens, and thus prevents various irritation and discomfort when wearing lenses. An excellent choice for people who have sensitive eyes or have a problem with irritation and the best option if you have no need for daily wear lenses, but only in certain activities or special occasions.
  • Contact lenses for extended wear - it lenses that allow you to sleeps with lenses without risk, provide great permeability of oxygen to the cornea, making them safe to be able to wear continuously for up to 30 days without being removed.
  • Monthly contact lenses - these are lenses that are worn continuously day and night are kept in cleaning fluid. I wear 30 days, and then replaced with a new pair.
  • Yearly contact lenses - it is planned to carry lenses of 365 days. Wear during the day and night are kept in cleaning fluid. This kind of lenses are usually prepared as rigid and gas permeable, but rarely as soft lenses.

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