Contact lens care and maintenance

Weather you wear contact lenses it is an imperative to care and keep them in good shape and keep the hygiene on highest level as prerequisite for crystal clear vision and healthy eyes, avoiding all possible infections. Few vital rules apply if you want to be on the safe side: 


1. Always wash your hand before handling the lenses. Dirty hand carry different sorts of bacteria thus increasing infection risks. Cleanse your hands first with soap only and carefully make them dry.   

2. Under any conditions contact lenses ought to be clean. Please, take care you clean your contact lenses according to the producers instructions. Daily contacts are advised to be worn during day and be put in the lens container by night. 

3.Desinfect. Please use recommended lens liquid only. Wide selection of lubricants can be found, all of which contain specific and precise compound to de-proteinize and cleanse. Take care to avoid the ordinary physiological solution as it does not disinfects. It only moisturizes the lens 

4. Only adequate liquid use. Unlimited variety of liquids exists on the market today. All in one solutions clean, disinfect, moisture and deproteinize your lenses. If you use hard or semi-hard (GP) lenses, you ought to use specific (GP) lubricant which consists of conditioner and shampoo.

5. Always mind the "best before" date. The date applies to the un-opened cans only. Best is to use the solution not longer than 90 days after first use, otherwise it will lose it effect in time.

6. Always use fresh and new products. Please mind not extend the use-life too long. 

7. Get rid of the last night's liquid in lens container. Care to refil only new liquid in the lens container.

8. Keep the lens in the lens containers. Lens containers are found in the solution package itself.

9. Keep the lens containers always clean. Wash the lens containers with the same solution, not water. It is highly recommended to replenish the box quarterly.

10. Change the lenses as frequent as possible. Monthly lenses ought to be replenish at the end of the month. You can extend their wearing but it can complicate the health of your eyes.

11. Avoid oversleeping with your contact lenses on. Unless explicitly written , take off your contact lenses before going to bed.

12. Put off your lenses before water contacts. It is highly advised to put aside your contacts before going for a swim, especially sea water, shower and bath.